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Suryoday Mobile Banking App


What you get with our Banking app

  • Fast, Easy & Secure banking
    • Log in with 6 digit MPIN single device single user secure login feature.
  • Anywhere Anytime Banking
    • Quickly check your balances 24*7 on the go without visiting branch.
  • Cashless Banking
    • Transfer money and send money to registered beneficiaries using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.
How to start

The smart way to manage your money on the move

Register for mobile banking app and you're ready to use it. Get a quick balance on your Current account and Savings Account. It’s faster, easier and is also compatible with Apple and Android devices.

What you'll need:

  • A compatible smartphone or tablet – running on latest Android or Apple iOS version.
  • Register your customer ID (you can register now)
  • The Banking app
  • Set MPIN for secure login.
Questions for us? (FAQs)

Suryoday Mobile App

  • Where can I download the Suryoday Mobileapp?
    • apple store google play store
  • Do I have to pay fees to use the Suryoday Mobile app?
    • We don't charge you to download or use the Suryoday Mobile app. However, you should contact your wireless service provider to check for connectivity or data usage fees.
  • How to activate my account to use the Suryoday Mobile app?
    • Simply download the Suryoday Mobile App from app stores. Register your account with the mobile app. Create a user name and password and accept the T&C.
  • How do I start using my Suryoday Mobile app?
    • Simply download the Suryoday Mobile app, open it on your mobile device and sign in. The first time you sign in, we'll ask you to verify your account details.
    • You'll need to provide One Time Password, which will be send you on phone. This adds a layer of security. When you get your code, use it to finish the identification process. Then sign in to the Suryoday Mobile app.
  • Can my Suryoday Mobile app session time out?
    • Your Suryoday Mobile app session times out when you've been inactive for more than 120 secs.
  • Which accounts can I see with my Suryoday Mobile app?
    • You can see all your accounts (Savings, Current, Deposits & Loan) which are viewable on Suryoday Online.
  • What are the services that I can avail with your Suryoday Mobile app?
    • Using our Suryoday Mobile app, you can avail of our following services, though some features will be available only for eligible accounts with certain restrictions.
      • See account balances and transaction history: Your account details are at your fingertips.
      • Intra-Bank Money Transfer : Within accounts held in Suryoday .
      • Inter-Bank Money Transfer :To accounts held in other Banks through the NEFT/RTGS/IMPS route.. They don't have to be a Suryoday customer to receive the money. (Limitations apply.)
      • Find a branch/ATM: Find the Suryoday ATMs and branches closest to you.
      • Find Suryoday contact points and other information easily: Get in touch with us and get answers to frequently asked questions.
  • How often do I need to download the Suryoday Mobile app?
    • You only need to download the Suryoday Mobile app once. Then keep an eye on your app notifications to see updates as we improve the app from time to time.
  • How secure is the Suryoday Mobile app?
    • Suryoday Mobile app is completely safe. We ensure that your account related information is not shared or used by any unauthorized person.
  • What is multifactor authentication?
    • We use two levels of authentication to verify your details. Your registered mobile number and OTP (one time password) are used to authenticate user access and transactions.
  • How can I be sure my Suryoday Mobile app information is secure if my mobile device is lost or stolen?
    • You should always choose "Log Off" after using the Suryoday Mobile app or mobile website. Even if you don't, we'll automatically disconnect you after you've been inactive for 120 secs . Then anyone using your mobile device will have to know your device password and mobile pin to get to your account information.
    • You also could ask your wireless service provider to deactivate your lost or stolen device and wipe out all its apps and data.
  • Do you save any information on my mobile device?
    • We never store your account-related details on your device.
  • Can another app on my device get information from the Suryoday Mobile app?
    • Other apps on your device can't see or take information from the Suryoday Mobile app. In fact, data contained in any app is not visible to any other app on your device.
  • Are malware and viruses a threat to my mobile device?
    • Malware and viruses are potential threats with any computer system, including mobile devices. To protect your mobile device from malware and viruses, you should follow these steps:
      • Always keep apps on your device up-to-date, because the app's publisher might have found a security vulnerability and updated the app to fix it.
      • Use only the well-known app stores such the Apple App Store or Google Play to download new apps. And download only the apps that come from well-known publishers and have high review scores
      • Avoid jailbreaking (iPhone®) or rooting (AndroidTM) your phone, which manipulates your device's operating system and might make it more vulnerable to malware and viruses.
  • Should I be concerned about phishing from my mobile device?
    • Phishing is as much of a threat on a mobile device as it is on your computer: A thief creates a fake website that mimics a site you know and trust, such as Suryoday.com, to trick you into giving your personal information. Always verify a site's entire URL (Web address) before entering your personal information on any website.
    • The best way to visit a website is to type the Web address in your mobile browser yourself, rather than, say, following a link in an email. That way you know you're visiting the legitimate site.
    • To be safe, always make sure the lock icon appears next to the browser address and that the address begins with "https." The "s" indicates that you have a secure connection. Suryoday doesn't use "http" for customer interactions.
  • What is a spoof or fake app?
    • A spoof is an app created to look like the real one, such as the Suryoday Mobile app. It's like phishing, but it's done through an app. To avoid downloading a spoof app, always use the official app stores (the Apple App Store or Google Play or Windows store) to download or update the Suryoday Mobile app.

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